Go Playland Paramus Park Mall

Transform your child's dream event into an exciting indoor playground experience.
What we offer

Let your child's dreams come to life at our enchanting indoor playground

Open Play For All Day Acces

Enjoy unrestricted access throughout the day—you're free to come and go as you please. For just $20 plus tax, seize the opportunity for a full-day experience.

Birthday Party

Choose from our four exciting party packages to create unforgettable memories for your child's special day, starting from $45 per child and featuring durations beginning at 2 hours

Step into a world of joy and imagination at our indoor playground

Designed for endless fun, our playground offers a safe and vibrant space for children to explore, play, and create lasting memories. With a variety of engaging activities, from climbing structures to interactive games, children can unleash their creativity and enjoy the thrill of play in a controlled environment. Our indoor playground is the perfect setting for birthdays, celebrations, or simply a day of laughter and adventure. Join us and watch as the magic unfolds in our exciting indoor wonderland.